Monday, August 9, 2010

Contest: Win a free family ticket to the Faith and Labor Picnic

What's the best reason to attend WIN's Faith and Labor Picnic, coming up soon on Labor Day, September 6th at Trinity United Methodist Church in Midtown? Since this is our 8th picnic, we figure those of you that have been joining in for years know best what makes it a great event. So we're holding our first ever picnic contest to get your feedback.

We'll be giving away two family tickets to the Picnic. Here's how it will work:

1. In the comments section on this blog entry, tell us what you think is the best reason to attend the picnic by Monday, August 16th at 5:00 p.m. Providing a reason to attend the picnic will get you 5 entries in our contest for a free family ticket (worth $30). Please include your first and last name in the comment so we can follow up with you if you are the winner. Remember, the more creative your reason, the more likely you are to get votes from your fellow WIN supporters! If you need some ideas, check out my list of reasons from last year.

2. Next week I'll write a new blog post with all the reasons to attend the picnic that all of you have come up with. An email will be sent out to the WIN list, inviting people to vote on what they think is the best reason to attend the picnic. Each vote will get 1 entry into the contest for a free family ticket.

3. One family ticket will be awarded to the person who got the most votes for the best reason to attend the picnic. Another family ticket will be awarded at random from all the entries made by posting a reason or by voting for a reason.

And while you're thinking about the Picnic, why not become a sponsor? Our goal is to raise $4,640 from individual sponsors this year, and we're only $770 away from reaching that goal. Make a difference for Memphis workers all year round by sponsoring the picnic today. You can also buy tickets to the picnic on WIN's website.

If you'd like to volunteer the day of the picnic, we'll need lots of help setting up, serving food, running games, taking tickets, cleaning up and more. Please contact Picnic chairperson KC Warren if you would like to volunteer, or Picnic committee member Joanne Rhea if you are willing to bake homemade cookies for the picnic.

I look forward to hearing all of your great ideas about why the Picnic is not to be missed!


  1. I love the picnic because of the way it brings together good-hearted folks of different faiths, colors and ages. Every year when I look out at the crowd, I feel I'm getting a glimpse of God's kingdom.

  2. I think going to the picnic would be wonderful experience. I would meet and learn so much for regulars. I usually volunteer to help others but it will be a great experience. I'm very interested in helping other get the wages they need in order to support their families. I think having picnic will unite so many different backgrounds to a common goal.

    Marian Bacon

  3. The best reason to attend the picnic is to interact with others who have experienced discrimination in hiring, pay, and job loss. The more people that share their experiences, the more of a 'working force' we become.
    Fairy Caroland

  4. Last chance to show off your white summer sandals.

  5. This will be my eighth (8) year of having a freedom holiday, free from labor such as cooking for my family. They all know that on Labor Day nothing is being served at my house, I have attended every Faith and Labor Picnic since its inception. I encourage them to attend also, and most do attend each year. By doing so, they are supporting a very worthy organization, Workers Interfaith Network. The picnic is its most effective fundraiser each year. WIN is consistently working to improve the conditions in which many low wage workers have to endure in their struggle to provide for themselves and their families. I don't know of a more hardworking group of people than the committed Staff and Volunteers of Workers Interfaith Network.

    What great fun my family and I always have at these family oriented picnics, there are activities for children, good food and fellowship, door prizes and even entertainment for the whole family. Don't pass us this opportnunity to serve other while you are being served. I encourage you to come see for yourself and leave the cooking to someone else.

    Come out and support WIN, and you will be glad that you did.

    Christine Booker

  6. It is a fun way to support WIN who helps those in need--"one of the least of these."
    -Lynette Dalton